Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Humane Society Update

As many of you know Bed and Biscuit Boarding is the result of my love for animals and my work with the Blytheville Humane Society.  The Big Man and I have 14 rescue dogs all but 2 are between 7 and 16 years old.  We have a difficult time finding someone, other than family members to help with our four-legged babies.  Because of our difficulty finding someone who would love them and put up with their sometimes odd personalities, when we bought the land next to our home, it became home to Bed and Biscuit Boarding. 

I occasionally write the Humane Society newspaper column.  So I thought for those who do not have access to the newspaper I would share the article her on our blog.

Humane Society Newspaper Column

This week the humane society was tasked with finding a forever home for the sweet little pig that was left on our door step.  Our foster homes did a great job, but they realized our sweet little pig needed a forever home.  Pigs are social animals – they need company, human or pig, they don’t care.  Pigs can be annoying and demanding.  Pigs also grow-up – they get bigger, I know they are so cute when they are little, but seriously they grow up.  Personally I have seen a grown sow teardown a wooden fence and turn over a cast-iron bathtub.  
This week the humane society volunteers did a great job of finding a rescue and coordinating travel for our sweet little pig.  By the time you read this article, the sweet little pig will be a resident of a rescue in Alabama, where she will live out her happy little pig life.

As we continue to move into 2016 the humane society continues to receive calls daily about “unwanted” Christmas gifts.  Just this week we have had two families call with 3 puppies they no longer want. 
Folks, the truth about dogs are they are going to park, they are going to be too playful and sometime too aggressive or too timid, they are not always going to listen and yes, they will make a mess. But, in return they will love you unconditionally and for an added bonus they are great for stress relief if you will take the time to pay attention to them. 

As Mother Nature turns on the chillers this week – please remember you furry and feathered friends.
Dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and yes, sweet little pigs need a warm place to stay.  Their spot outside doesn’t have to be heated and cooled but it does need to be warm, dry, safe and the pet has to have access to clean unfrozen water and adequate food. 
Shiloh Ann once homeless and scared now
part of a family that lovers her
Nana's Girl
If you don’t have appropriate shelter and someone knocks on your door, don’t shoot or curse the messenger, the humane society member is there about your freezing or starving animal. Remember humane society members are trying to help you, we really do not want to take your pet, believe me we have enough unwanted pets to care for. If you truly love your pet we will help you find a dog house or shelter for the animal.  The humane society also may be able to help you with food during the cold weather. 
Please remember we are here to speak for the animal and to help you be a better pet person.

Connie Ash
Doggie Recuse Mom

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