Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Unwanted Four-Legged Members of the Community

This has been a trying week for the humane society, filled with dark clouds.  There seems to be no end to the homeless and unwanted four-legged members of our community.

Two dogs (different homes) on chains, limited food and water, flies literally eating their ears off.  One Moma dog, seven puppies, no shelter, limited food, now 3 puppies.  Two puppies no home, one run over.   It seems like it never ends…..

As we talked about last week, spay and neuter, will lessen the number of unwanted animals. And yes, we have a spay-neuter ordinance, but the humane society does not have the authority to enforce it.  So the next time you see animal control ask them about the spay-neuter ordinance.  If you know of someone who has a dog that has liter after liter of puppies, call animal control, ask animal control to enforce the spay- neuter ordinance.

As for the dogs on the chain, as long as the dog has food, water, and shelter there is nothing we can do.  Don’t ask us how much water or how much food, or what constitutes shelter. Arkansas’s law is vague. And yes, animal welfare groups have tried and tried to improve the law.  But each time, we are fought at the legislative level by Arkansas Farm Bureau.  See, Arkansas Farm Bureau thinks if you give a domestic animal a decent place to live and define adequate food and water, you are opening the door to crazy animal people wanting farm animals to have humane treatment.

Over the next month you may be approached by a politician out asking for your vote. When you do ask the politician if they will stand strong and support the rights of domestic animals.

With every dark cloud comes sunshine. Our sunshine this week comes with the adoption of a couple of awesome dogs locally, seven adoptions at Petco and seeing pictures, of the dog we sent to Mary’s Rescue, enjoying life with their new families. 

~ ConnieKayA~
   Doggie Mom 

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